Well, we are not dead.  But we did not make it up to see Aaron Minier and Brandon Peat and their families.

I spent the past two days digging out myself and my neighbor.  Guess what, I am still not done.  I have to dig out my cars and part of my front steps.  After digging through the sand-like snow and the ice (above and below the snow) my hands hurt incredibly.  Bad thing for an artist.

Enough about the weather.

There is a new post and journal entry over at DeviantArt for all of you to enjoy.  Go ahead and check it out.  Also, The Manor is on Facebook.  Just look us up under The-Manor Comic-Strip.  Feel free to friend us.  We are not on there often, but I do try to keep you up to date.

And thirdly, the second comic strip that I will be co-illustrating is in the beginning stages.  We have received scripts, we are working on  a name, and a rotation.  The single panel strips will go live next quarter.  I will be running the strips that I illustrate here as well.  They will not be in place of The Manor, but as bonus content.  I will see about getting  a page dedicated to those strips, but I can’t make any promises at this point as we are still working on a contract of what can and cannot be done with this work.

Well, looks like Shaggy and I have to go shovel more snow.  You can see how Shaggy feels about snow here 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Later gators.