I would just like to welcome you to The Manor; a Monday, Wednesday, Friday comic strip.  What’s it about?  Well you’ll just have to read and see.  There are some crazy things that happen in this big old house.

For those of you who don’t like to stop in, sit down, and have a cup of tea every other day an RSS feed is coming.  That way the splendor of laughter can be sent to you with no hassle.
If you dig the comic, spread the word to your friends and family.  Laughter is contagious after all.  If you don’t like it . . . keep reading, because there is more to this house and these people than you think.

I would like to thank a lot of people for helping make this happen.  All of you should know who you are.  If you don’t know who you are . . . you might want to see a doctor.
Anywho, thanks for stopping by.  Oh, and Happy Good Friday to any who will take it!

-Andy “Shaggy” Korty, M.I.