Today’s strip is drawn, inked, and lettered by the illustrious Aaron Minier!  If you don’t know him or his stuff check out his website HERE or his DeviantArt page HERE or go out and pick up the latest issue of Fringe at you local comic book shop. He also has done the comic strips Fred & Jesse and Sushi.  Plus he has his own comic book called Black Rose, which you can find HERE.  This is not Aaron’s only comics.  He has worked for WildStorm and his first comic gig was the demigod of comic writers — Chuck Dixion.

Aaron is my best friend in the whole world (after my wife), my room mate through most of college, and the best man at my wedding (and I at his).  I frequently call him to cry on his shoulder about work.

Seriously the dude rocks so go check his stuff out!!!

I was honored when he said he could illustrate a strip so that I could deal with LEXPO and a new baby.  If you are reading this Aaron, Thanks Dude!

In case you are new to the strip or you are wondering what Zombo is doing crawling out of the ground, click HERE (Welcome To The Manor arch), then HERE (Flashback), then HERE (There is no 13).