Man, not being able to contact a loved one in a foreign county under turmoil would scare the bageezes out of me.

Happy Groundhog’s Day!  Did you ever see Groundhog’s day with Bill Murry?  Great movie.

I am writing this early because the family and I are supposed to go up to see our good friends Aaron and Jill Minier and spend the night with Brandon, Emma, and Tyco Peat.  That is if the weather lets us.  We are supposed to get over a foot of snow between Tuesday and Wednesday, and then ice over the top of that.

Aaron and Brandon work on the comic book Black Rose, a si-fantasy story.  I was going to sit and draw with them.   Not on Black Rose or anything; just to recharge the creative batteries.

You know how artists tend to work better when being around other artist, even if they are not of the same genre or medium?  That is a topic I could go on about for a nice long time.  But I am in the need to be around other artists.  My wife was a landscape artist at one point and really doesn’t do it any more.  And Anna, my 2 year old, only draws a little.  That is the extent of the artist around me.

I hope my family and I can make it up there and back safely.  If there is no update Friday, start to worry.  If there is no update Monday, presume us to be dead and go back and re-read the archives.  I will figure out a way to write, draw and upload as a ghost.