CP1_Cover_Front_WebThis weekend The Manor heads to the Cincinnati area for Cincy Comic Con! I will be set up at table I-12!
The week after that The Manor returns to the area but this time for the Cincinnati Comic Expo! I have been there the past several years and the show just keeps growing!
Then The Manor takes of for Joliet, IL for Heroes Comic Book and Fantasy Art Expo! It will be nice to head back to the South Chicago-land area with all the success that I have had in the past with Dan Con!
Whew! September is packed!
And that isn’t all. The last copies of Lafayette – Our Cancer Year will be travelling with me to the shows. But once they are gone – they are gone!!! And in that same vain (HA!) is the first printing of Cemetery Plots out by Empire Comics Lab. I only have a few issues left. Once they are gone, you will have to support the Kickstarter to get a copy of the second printing! That being said – you can still buy the digital copy from the ECL website. The Kickstarter has not launched yet for the second printing because we under estimated the wild success of the book! Man it went fast! As soon as the Kickstarter is up I will be sure to let all of you know.