Welcome to The Manor, a huge old house with a rather bizarre history. As a farm house, part of it was built before the civil war, part of it after. It was a safe house for the Underground Rail Road and still has secret passages. Part of it burnt down and was rebuilt. It was a Speak Easy during the Prohibition and still has secret rooms. This whole time it had remained an ever shrinking farm. In 1950 it was turned into a law office, though the orchard and carriage house still remained. In 2010 Sweetpea and Shaggy purchased it with the hopes of turning it into a boarding house.

Sweetpea – Wife of Shaggy, her real name is Dymphna. She works at Seem Rippers Fabric Store and does most of the cooking and gardening in The Manor. She also has a penchant for strange and deadly plants. She also sells Xocia healthy chocolate.

Shaggy – Roger “Shaggy” Norville worked construction all his life while dreaming of owning his own boarding house. He met most of his friends in college and offered them a place in The Manor. Shaggy reads a lot when he is not working on the house.

Dean – Probably the coolest guy you will ever know. He’s into skateboarding, draws comics, loves his hotty of a wife, and drives a pretty nice car. His freshman year was Shaggy’s sophomore year in college.

Alyssa – Wife to Dean, actress, and model; Alyssa is a more than a little spooked out by The Manor.
She won’t live inside the house. With her carrier she is not home very often.

Rose – Wife of Luke, she is a religious education teacher and the cheer leading coach at St. Laurence Roman Catholic School. She is the main source of income. She also teaches Sunday school.

Luke – An out of work fine artist, he still paints, draws, and sculpts when he is not at one of his jobs. He hopes from job to job like a frog to lilly pads and has a higher skill set than a renaissance man. Luke’s freshman year was Shaggy’s junior year in college.

Max – He is a former athlete turned video/computer gamer. He rarely leaves the basement of The Manor. He makes his money by doing stocks online and writing article for gaming zines and websites. His freshman year was Shaggy’s senior year in college.

Zombo – He is the former owner of The Manor. After The Manor had been sold to Sweetpea and Shaggy, he had still not vacated the premises and his undead corpse continues to hang around. Thus proving in just one more fashion that lawyers really are evil.

Poultrygeist – The ghost of a chicken from when The Manor was farm. It really doesn’t harm anyone, just causes trouble. Poultrygeist is some how linked to the house, Zombo, and to Shaggy.

About Andy Korty, M.I.

He graduated from Central Catholic in art, moved on to the University of St. Francis graduating in Fine/commercial art focusing in illustration (and was just a few credits short from minoring in philosophy). During that time he worked a comic strip called Fred & Jesse with Aaron Minier and a comic strip with Don Clemmer called For Real. He has done freelance fine art and commercial art. He has also worked in newsprint and signage.

He has a beautiful and loving wife, Kristin, an enthusiastic daughter, Anna, and a son,Vincent, who likes to spit up on him. They all live in a big creepy house.